The Bear hunt was a three night bear hunting/fishing trip.  This all took place on the Tanana River somewhere with in a 500 mile loop of Fairbanks.  First day was replacing the bait, we use dog food, then off for some fishing which we caught Burbot and Pike.  We kept a few Burbot and ate them that night at camp.  Nothing huge just a kick ass day in the sun fishing.  The next night I was on the bear stand and shot a small black bear, I should have passed on that one.  There where other bears out that night I heard but didn't see any.  Ray heard bears too.
The next night at 0020 the six footer came in.  He was very careful and looking for other bears, after watching him for five or so minutes I shot him thru the neck, he expired right where he was eating. 
I shoot just about everything in Alaska with the same gun "Old Betsy" my Ruger 30.06 which I got when I finished high school.  I use hand loaded bullets; 165 grain boat tail.  

North Pole, Alaska




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