In August 2008, we made our pilgrimage to our MECCA; Valdez Alaska.  This year our trip was a bit different than the past few years.  For starters, the Hanks family was unable to attend do to a family emergency back home.  After 3 years of coaxing, we finally got Scott to meet up with us.  Then, the day before we left town, I met a couple in a giant motor home at the gas station in Eagle River, they were headed to Valdez that day and I asked them, if we could find each other, if they would like to go fishing with us for a day.  Sure enough, we located them at the Eagle's Rest campground and we took them fishing.  Mike and Mary Camp from Oklahoma was the couples name.  We had a great time catching Silvers.  The star of this trip was a giant Stellar Sea Lion who decided to scare the crap out of us by attacking a Coho that I was trying to real in!  That was the first time we ever had a encounter with one of these guys.  Scott showed up for week number two, and he got to see what he has been missing all these years.  We had some great weather, along with a little Valdez rain f course, oh and don't forget some FOG!  We even tried doing some Halibut fishing out near Bligh Reef (we only got a few rock fish).  We can't wait for next year!  I wish I could just live there, I love this place so much.