On 14 June 2008, we started getting serious about the 2008 fishing season.  AJ, Scott and myself ventured out of the Port of Whittier into Prince William Sound.  I never really like going fishing out of Whittier.  It is kind of a pain in the butt because you have to park over a mile from the launch area, which really makes launch and recovery a cluster.  The Port of Whittier also has limited services for the sport fisherman, no public cleaning stations or restrooms etc.  If you are going to go boat from there, you need to make sure you are self contained and remember not to forget anything!  On top of all of that, you have to deal with a 3 mile tunnel to get in and out of there.  The tunnel is only 1 lane wide, so they let cars go in one direction for 20 minutes, then the other direction.  The other 20 minutes is for the train to go in and out taking tourists to the cruise ships.  The good thing about Whittier is it is allot closer drive for us then Seward.  I can be at the tunnel entrance is about 1 hour from the house (48 miles).  With the cost fuel being $4.50 a gallon the summer of 2008, it only made sense to "put up with the crap" at Whittier, instead of driving 2.5 hours (160 miles one way) to Seward to go fish.  All that being said, to top it all off, I had no "good" fish holes out of Whittier.  Scott worked with a guy named Bob (who I also worked with in Korea) who was kind enough to let me mark my map with a few places he has caught fish.  That's how it all started this summer, and I was bound and determined to "master" fishing out of Whittier!!