On 2 August 2008, AJ, Greg, Doug and I went out to top off the freezers with Halibut, and maybe find out where the Silver Salmon run was at, and maybe pick up a few before heading to Valdez.  We also wanted to try out dropping some shrimp pots for the first time, kind of a learning session.  We learned alright !  We figured out that shrimps' is allot of work when you do not have a pot puller, in fact, its more work then its worth!  Pound for pound, fresh Alaska "Spot" shrimp is cheaper and easier to buy then trying to drop pots and pull them up by hand.  Now there is something to be said about catching your own shrimp, and taking them home and eating them fresh that night.  I don't think this is a sport I will get much deeper in.  I do plan to drop shrimp pots while I am in Valdez in mid August, and let them soak over night.  It is very difficult to pull these pots up from 500 or 600 feet though.  It was still fun, and the shrimp tasted great!  We also limited out on Halibut, plus picked up a few Silver Salmon, all in all, another great day out on the ocean (is there really such thing as a bad day on the ocean?  No says I )