On 5 June 2009, Doug and I ventured off alone to hunt a BIG Halibut. It was my 4th trip of the year and time to find a fish over 100 pounds. It was real foggy out in the prime fishing grounds, but it was also real calm. We stopped just outside of Eleanor Island and we were surrounded by Dall's Porpoises. We see these Porpoises often, but they rarely come near the boat when we are standing still. We pressed on another 15 miles to the fishing grounds and got anchored up in about 200 ft of water. Doug picked up a 25 lb'er right away, and we were off to a good start. A few minutes later I hooked into something larger than normal. It started taking line pretty good and I knew we had a decent fish on. I fought it just long enough for Doug to get the rear deck cleared off and his pole stowed away, then I passed him the pole so I could get the gear needed to land this fish. By the time I got the harpoon out and had it loaded and ready to go, Doug was just getting the fish to the surface. I got a good harpoon shot on it and tied it off the rear cleat on the boat. After we caught our breath we pulled the beast in with a couple of gaffs. This Halibut measured out at 59.5 inches, which equals 105 pounds! We had accomplished what we set out to do. The first fish this season over 100 pounds, what a great day !!