On 20 June 2009, the long awaited Halibut trip with the Hanks Family finally took place.  Everything was perfect, except the weather.  We had a small craft advisory and a gale warning in effect when we launched the boat.  I knew we most likely would not make it out to the Halibut hole near Smith Island, but I figured we could try a few of my fall back locations.  We didn't find any Halibut, but we did get a few rock fish.  I was cleaning the yellow-eye rock fish and throwing the carcasses back in the ocean. This Bald Eagle decided he wanted what I was not going to keep. They rarely come anywhere near humans. It was a BIG rock fish, and this Bald Eagle could not carry it, so it landed in the water, and swam with it to shore (about 300 yards). I had no idea that these birds could swim so good. If I had not watched the whole thing, I would have never believed it. After he got to the shore with it, it's mating pardoner flew down from the nest and they ate it together.  All-in-all we had a great time with Shannon, Denise and the kids, its always great when we can get together, bad weather or not!