On 25 June 2009, Doug Keith and I went out of Whittier and did pretty good. Keith Long locked into a 200+ lb Halibut (no kidding, it was the biggest Halibut I have ever seen in all my years of fishing for them) but we could not land it.  It was my fault, everything was wrong, we had a strange current, the top was running one direction and the bottom current was running the opposite way.  I was not prepared for a monster fish of that size. I am not sure my boat will ever be BIG enough to land Barn-Door Halibut like that one.  I had it harpooned and tied to the boat on the back cleat, and it snapped the 550 cord like it was twine, it sounded like a gun shot.  The fish swam off, I give Keith allot of credit, he battled that beast to the end.......so close...but cant land them all. We did find a nice batch of 25/30 pound fish, and a 50 lb'er.  I have replayed this event in my mind about a thousand times to see what I would have done different, next time we will get it!