On Tuesday 25 August 2009, after almost four weeks in Valdez, I loaded the boat again and headed to Whittier with my Dad and Doug.  We headed out to hunt the elusive Halibut once again !  My Dad really wanted to take a big box of Halibut back to Arizona with him.  I carefully studied the weather, and today was the day.  Is there such a thing as a "perfect day" fishing?  Until this day, I had spent almost 300 hours on the water in 2009, almost everyone of those hours had a moment when I said, if only the _______ wasn't like this.  This day, was the day, when everything was perfect.  The wind, the water, the waves, the fishing, the company, the boat.....everything......perfect.  Just going fishing with my Dad makes for a perfect trip, but this trip was one of the best I have ever had.  The water was pure glass all day.  I made to Smith Island (61 miles) in 1 hr 25 minutes.  We moved (200-300 yards) about 8 times, looking for a hole with a "big" fish, but to be honest, a "big" fish isn't always the answer to a good fishing trip.  The meat from the little fish is allot better tasting.  We picked up 6 healthy Halibut, some nice yellow-eye, and my Dad brought in a 45" Ling Cod!  The biggest Ling Cod my boat has ever brought in.  The only thing that could of made this day better would of been if AJ was with us.