On 21 July 2006, the quest for halibut continued. This time Scott Bishop and myself went to Anchor Point, 15 miles north of Homer Alaska. We were to meet up with Kris Trettel and Chris Kuaiwa the next morning to go out and fish. This was my first time fishing in the Cook Inlet and the first time I ever launched and recovered a boat on a beach. Scott and I got the fisherman special room at the Anchor Inn (click here for their website) Look close at where and how we had to launch the boat on this beach. You will also notice there are no pictures of Chris Kuaiwa shown here. I don't have make habit of taking pictures of people who are so sea-sick that cant even stand up! Gas station burritos at 4 AM don't go well with rough seas (and ask Chris, they don't come up to well either). He gets documented as the first person to get sick on the Quiet-n-Shy! Way to go brother, you are in the history books. All in all it was a good trip, however, I am in no hurry to fish the Cook Inlet again soon. We did catch fish, but they have no place to clean them there. I had to do it on top on the ice chest along the Anchor River. The current is very strong in the inlet and you have to fish around the tide, it just doesn't add up to a $45 launch fee and a 4.5 hr drive to the region for a small tidal window. We will see where the next adventure takes us.



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