8 July 2006 - As with many things I do, this one was an adventure to remember. We rented two Jet powered River Boats from the Army Rec center, and headed down the Susitna River (a purely wild glacier drainage) about 40 miles to a place called Flat Horn Lake. This Lake can only be accessed by float plane or boat, and a trip down this river is not for the Rookie Boatmen! With the use of a GPS, some maps and the faint memory of a guy who had been there before, we headed off into the great unknown. This was truly a trip into rugged Alaska, a place not visited by many.  Despite some minor boat problems and a hooked through a finger, we over came, and the fishing was HOT!!! The Northern Pike is a very aggressive fish; when they strike a lure they do it with power and fury. We used Top Water Poppers and Rapalas like fishing for large mouth bass. The action was fast and non-stop; we caught to many fish to count and kept a few for the meat. I plan to return to this place someday, I will remember it forever. Good People, true team work...memories that last forever. The crew included myself, Corey Holt, Bruce Dooley, Ray Lego, Kris Trettel and Scott Koerber