This was not my trip, but I felt it was worthy to post here.

Joe Kitchel wrote:
Attached are a couple of pictures from this weekend's trip. It was the best charter I've been on so far.  We caught over 1800 lbs of fish, a new boat record.  We had five fish over 100 lbs (134, 121, 115, 109, 103), we also had a few fish in the 90 lbs range. The average fish was 74 lbs. On Saturday we kept 13 and released 10 and on Sunday we kept 14 and released 15. On Sunday night we pulled shrimp pots. We had an outstanding dinner back at the Skippers cabin, which consisted of fresh shrimp, fresh halibut, steak and chili and a ton of beer. It was and awesome trip.


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