On 8 August 2006, it was time again to head to Valdez and do what I love the most, fish for Coho (Silver Salmon).  Annjenette and I decided we wanted to spend a few days alone at first, fishing, talking and taking a break from life.  We spent the first few days doing just that. We tent camped at Sea Otter park and enjoyed a few nights of a nice camp fire, great weather, and outstanding fishing.  It was very relaxing and fun.  Shannon and Denise Hanks were due to come down late Thursday night and spend the weekend with us and fish, along with Megan and Zach.  I knew what that meant, RAIN !!  For some odd reason, whenever Shannon goes to Valdez it rains.  I call it simply, "The Shannon Hanks-Valdez Rain Curse".  I could of set my watch by it, he no sooner crossed the line into the Copper River Basin and the rain started.  I was thinking ahead, and had reservations at the Totem Inn Suites, so on Thursday, Annjenette and I broke camp and moved in to our nice, dry, warm room.  All of us "rain-geared" up and went fishing the next day. It was a strange day of fishing to say the least!, Shannon might bring the rain to Valdez, but he also brings good luck when it comes to fishing.  We trolled a reef just south of the narrows between Jack and Galena bays where the Coho were very big and very strong, we had some great fish battles! Denise caught her first King Salmon, Megan caught her first Coho (maybe her first Salmon ever) and Zach reeled a few in himself.  While Trolling this reef we caught four small Halibut (strange but true) and rock fish and even an Irish Lord, along with Silver, Pink and King Salmon.  Despite the rain, we all enjoyed a few days of good fishing. Megan surprised us all with her ability to reel in BIG fish, and her desire to catch more an more was really awesome. I think she could easily become addicted to fishing, she sure hung in there even being soaked to the bone from all the rain, we all did.  I truly hope we can make this an annual event for the six of us, I think in a year or two Denise, Megan and Zach will become expert anglers. Great friends, Good times, Valdez Alaska... need I say more ?