On 17 August 2006, I was afforded the opportunity of a lifetime.  I went Silver Salmon fishing with my Dad and both of my uncles in Valdez. Tom Cloud, Dale Cloud, Ron Cloud, and Darin Cloud all in one place all at the same time.  Leave it to a place like Valdez Alaska to allow this to happen for me.  Without a doubt, this trip was one of the most meaningful times in my life.  These are my Heroes, my mentors, my family and my friends.  It was an honor to be among them.  We had a great time, despite record rain fall in the Valdez area (what do you expect when you put that many Cloud's all in the same place?).  We fished for a Derby winner everyday (click here for more Derby information: Valdez Fish Derby ) , we came close, but not close enough.  In the wind and the rain we caught fish, I had the best fishing trip in my life, and the Quiet-N-Shy hung tough and reliable the whole time.  A few weeks after everyone got home, I received an E-mail from Dale, here is what he had to say: 

"This communication is to address the excellent time I had on the Quiet-N-Shy, in the rain, hauling in the silvers. Positively one of the most memorable times of my adult life.  Although the Cloud Boys brought the vortex of weather to the great north it could not have been any better (Well maybe 65 and sunny would have been slightly better). My compliments to the skipper of the illustrious QUIET -N- SHY, his patience with three land lubing, fishing dolts was commendable, having to bite his lip when silver after silver slipped off the hook. Our skipper only uttered a little concern when he finally said " WHAT THE FU** IS GOING ON BACK THERE JUST LAND A FU**ING FISH WILL YA!!!" At which time the three fishing dolts promptly filled the chest with one hundred and fifty pounds of silver memories. I cant speak for the other two fishing stooges but I for one hope to return to the great north and ride the high seas with Capt. Darin in search of that 20 plus pound silver."   Dale Cloud, September 2006