In August 2005, I had a chance for round two fishing for silvers in Valdez. This time I met up with Joe Kitchel and guy named Jeff Cross. I worked with Jeff back in 1990 at Hill AFB Utah. This guy got out of the USAF back in 1991 and now owns Cross Machine Tool Co. Inc in Lexington, TN. It was so cool seeing him again, the fishing was great but the company was even better. We talked about old times, people and places. Fishing in Valdez has always been special to me, its the place and times that have all be worth the effort. The Quiet-n-Shy has only lived for one season and she has already ensured some fond memories. Thanks Jeff and Joe, it was really a good time.  In the days following his return to home Jeff sent me an email, here is what he wrote:

Just wanted to try & get some of these pictures to you. Thanks for taking me out on the "Quiet & Shy". It was just the perfect setting to visit with old friends again. I had a great time fishing with you & Joe. I truly understand you fascination with "Valdez", a very beautiful & mystical place unparalleled by any place I've yet been to. Please stay in touch, ever this way my door is always open.
Regards, Jeff Cross