On the 21st of October, 2001 I went fishing for king mackerel off the coast of North Carolina.  We hired a charter, his name was Wally. He was a 23 yr old charter captain out of Oak Island, NC. It was Tim Whitt  (a long time work mate of mine, and probably the best bomb technician I've ever known) Tim's father, Garland Whitt (one of the toughest 64 yr old men I've ever met) and Tim's best friend Scott, (a guy Tim has known his whole life). Until today, I had no idea what a king mackerel was or looked like, by the end of the day I was an educated man. We left at first light, on a 26ft foot center steer open bow boat. When we were about 15 miles out I was wishing I was in a larger vessel! We had 5-6ft seas with offset rollers. We no sooner got the first line and started trolling and it was fish-on!!!!! I landed a 27lb king; it took me well over 40 minutes to get that fish in the boat. It wasn't long before I knew what "light tackle" rigs for king mackerel was all about. We limited out at 3 each (plus one of Captain Wally's) in just 4 hours, it was non stop action!!!! We had a great time, and caught some great fish!!!


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