On 21 June 2003, we headed to VALDEZ for AJ's Birthday !! She wanted to go Halibut Fishing, who was I to say no? The Famous GOODHAND CHARTERS was back in business and we got a slot on the DAWN TREADER. Captain Mike was at the helm and took us out to a great spot off HitchenBrook Island. It was myself, AJ, Shannon Hanks (a very good friend on mine) Dustin Johnson and his Dad, Ron Johnson (a very cool guy visiting from Morriston, Florida) and Dustin's girlfriend Kate. The first fish on board was my 140 pounder, followed by a 70 lber by Shannon. We limited the boat in no time. Even though it was a typical rain soaked, overcast weekend in Valdez, we still had a great time! Thank you Ron for going fishing with us, and come back and see us !!