June 21st 1998   This was my second attempt at Halibut fishing this season, we got rained out in early June The next opportunity I had to go just happened to be on my Wife's Birthday, she had never been fishing before, and she had never been to Valdez. I planned a trip and we ( my Wife, Greg Nelson, and Myself ) proceeded to Valdez, where we again met up with the " Pirate" Captain Willy Nye. This time he was working with King Charters, commanding the Boat " Chinook II ". The weather was real bad, it poured rain all day and it kept us from going  out in the Gulf. We all hung tuff and went anyway. Only two fish caught the whole day and Annjenette (my wife) brought in the first one, shortly after, I got the second one.  A pair of 80 LB'ers. Greg Nelson got skunked. We still had a great time though !!  

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