July 30th 1998   Halibut trip number two for 1998. My father-in-law and brother-in-law   (Paul and Matt Degroot ) from Ogden Utah were up for a visit, so we decided to go Halibut fishing in Valdez. I kept a close watch on the weather, and seen a nice break from the rain and off we went. Again I hooked-up with the Pirate of Prince William Sound, Captain Willy Nye, and again his son ( Jed ) was on board working as 1st mate ( toughest 15yr old I've ever seen ) We boarded the " Chanook II " and Captain Willy took us to the fish. I landed a monster Halibut on this trip, a 225 pounder. Among the other fish caught were 4 Trophy size LingCod ( over 45 lbs is Trophy size in Alaska ) and 5 other Cod that were a pound shy of Trophy status. 4 huge Yellow eye rockfish ( aka Red Snapper ) all in the 13-16 lb range. *Note - This trip was before I owned a digital camera, so the photos below are scans of normal prints. The pictures do no justice for the actual size of this monster Barn-Door halibut !!   


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