So here we go again! Another year of trout fishing on Quartz!  First time out this year was on the 27th of May. Annjenette and I launched the “Hemishpere Dancer” (my boat) and trolled the waters of quartz. We did real good, we got 5 artic-char (aka brook trout) a few rather large as well, until we got run off the lake by a storm that yielded some pretty wicked hail!!!  We had fun though, and proved that I didn’t catch all the fish in this lake last year!!!


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The next trip was on 3 June, with a guy I work with named Mike Lajda. They call him  “Gus”, he's one smooth dude. I’m telling ya, I fished with a lot of different people in my days, but this kid is sharp, we had some great conversation and some awesome fishing!!!  We reeled in over 20 fish, but only kept about 10; just enough to bring home and eat.  Thanks Mike, for another excellent Alaska fishing memory


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