I consider 2003 to be my redemption year at Quartz lake. There a few people who know why ! I really don't want to go into here, because the fish story I could tell is almost unbelievable, in fact I just want to forget it...  Oli Boutte and I were there last year and this year we had Redeem ourselves, and we did !! The Arctic Char (Brook Trout) at Quartz this year were MONSTER in size, and I believe there are even BIGGER fish in there to be had. They seem to stop biting after about mid-June, so we hit just after ice-off. We caught some great fish this year!!

Monday, 26 May 2003  This was Oliver's and my "Redemption" trip  




Wednesday, 28 May 2003  Dustin Johnson and I went after work, we fished till 10:00pm



On Monday, 9 June 2003  My Dad was here on a visit. I knew the Arctic Char were almost done for the year I have wanted to get my Dad out on this lake for 7 years now. He is my life long fishing partner. Dad and I have fished for trout in many places, and I knew he'd loved to get catch some of these Monsters. We did very well and had a great time!