Quartz Lake is a rather small lake, about 60 miles South of Fairbanks Alaska. I decided that in 1999 I would put my boat in it and give it a good fishing. Take a look at how my friends and I did. !!!!

On May 28th 1999, my wife Annjenette, and myself fished Quartz Lake. We reeled in some real nice sized "Artic-Char"

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On June 5th 1999, Annjenette and I went again.  More nice "Artic-Char" and a Rainbow trout or two

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Well, without a doubt, the Fishing on Quartz this year was HOT !!! I decided to share the wealth, and invite some of my Fishing friends along. So, on June 12 1999,  I took Dennis "BigDaddy" Howe Fishing. This guy was my boss at the time. So  you  know I got allot of "FLAK" over this trip ! However, we did catch allot of FISH, all Rainbow Trout

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The Fishing was so good on June 12th, I took another friend, Dave Moler, Fishing on June 13 1999

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Well, Quartz was no doubt HOT in 1999. On June 27th, I went again...with my good friend Sam " Sharpeto" Sharpe. We again, had a GREAT time and caught more, real nice, Rainbow Trout !!!

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