Well this was it, the long awaited trip to Valdez for the silver salmon run. This is without a doubt, the highlight of my summer here in Alaska. This year was the best trip ever!  My friend Glen Jacobs " Jake " and I left the rain stricken interior and headed south. It was a picture perfect drive and the boat trailer didn't even break down in Delta Junction (inside joke). We setup camp at Sea-Otter Park as always, and settled in for a few days of good fishing. We caught a lot of Coho's, in fact we limited out every day. The weather was the best I've ever seen in Valdez. We met two guys in the campground that we partied with, a retired Air Force SMSgt named Ken (who retired 20 years ago) and a guy from Fairbanks named Larry, who I nicknamed "crazy-Larry". This guy was funny as hell, and a bit crazy for sure. I hope to someday see Larry again in the local area and maybe even go fishing with him again. Ok enough jibber, I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.


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